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of this explosion again we know was the high pressure transmission line why it exploded the ntsb should give us some details or in terms of what they're doing to try and get those answers. in addition to that there are eight fire investigators run scene conducting our own investigation carried as you know fire officials went door-to-door today there were able to get through 75 percent of the homes. did a 25 percent or two hot that's what they told us earlier today it will be interesting to find out when to our officials have their news conference at 5:00 whether they'll be able to make it to those other homes. we can also tell you they've had a total of 25 fire companies doing the searching of these homes. still they've called in to urban search and rescue teams they see the debris is just kind of mammoth. they called to to urban search and rescue teams to help remove some of the debris so far officials can get in there and to their searching. another thing were expected to 5:00 news conference is the damage assessment. we should have some sort of dollar figure in terms of the amount of damage by th
that there is a better tomorrow. as leaders, each of us has and responsibility to answer those and to leave our children, a better world. >> after the luncheon, speeches resumed in the u.s. delegation walked out as iran president, much more, and it's just that americans were behind the terror attack. and an attempt to ensure israel's survival. the i rain president mahmood, did the jo a ahmadinejad. >> details coming up fifth off ♪ >> new details on the california budget battle. the lawmakers have just reached a first step to the agreement as riven telling you. the state budget is 85 days late. and joining us on the phone press secretary karen a clear, and you said that the legislative readers have a framework. >> that means conceptually, they're all to agree on how the want to pose close as $90 million deficit. the work on the details of the weekend and reconvene on the weekend. finally, a >> with a tax increase have been resistance. and what does that conceptual agreement? >> i do not have the details of this point and will be worked out over the weekend. typically, this is the first step, there will
from the news conference federal investigators have been updating us every day around 5:00 p.m. with the latest that they've learned today. this is the fourth day they've been on seen here in yesterday's and today would be staged with the investigation will be conducting interviews to pour over some of the documents that have been given to them by pg&e. the last night i attended a meeting and at a nearby church where many of their residence in the area went to that church and really got to fire their questions at officials and investigators. some of the information that came out of the meeting last night took about an hour and 45 minutes for pg&e to turn off the gas to the pipeline the day of the blast. also fino was on hand at the meeting last night and said they finished conducting their assessment of the disaster zone. why is that significant? if the governor decides to ask the president to declare this seemed a federal disasters only will the that assessment done by the months which if it is declared federal disaster zone it could mean additional money coming in especiall
. for most of us including this paving crew life goes on. on the job is always despite temperatures expected to break records around here. in san jose rob kron 4 news. >> it is another scorcher of there today but the good news is cooler weather is on the way. inland spots all of the triple digits 104 in livermore and 102 in concord. it's likely will see this again this afternoon 103 in santa rosa, mountain view ties the record we have a lot of 90s across the bay shore and in the south bay. pay attention to this half moon bay at 66 degrees or already starting to see sea breeze winds come back and that will continue tomorrow with the cool air filter into the bay shore the temperatures will drop significantly. rate now were up everywhere except at the clothesline temperatures up eight degrees in oakland, six in redwood city, few degrees warmer inland him saving in the south bay north bay. bad degrees cooler along the coast line banks to the sea breeze winds of those will pick up tomorrow. deceive and clear in all conditions of fog is sitting off shore it will make it to the coast line overnight
fishing but there's still more work to do. marin kelly shows us what's being done to remove the tugboat. >> getting this tugboat out from word is behind me is turning it to be no easy task. the state department of fish and game said it will be at least two days before a completely clear it's turning into such a big job to shut down operations for today so they can reevaluate their plan. earlier today you can see this video they had a work road here using a blowtorch he was working to cut this vessel into three pieces so it could be more manageable to get out safely. the might still go ahead with the planned a big inflow was safe to continue today because the winds of kicked out and the word about flying sparks and the george grading a fire hazard. if they're going to reevaluate whether they need to bring him bigger more powerful machine read all of this 90 t tug out from the bank board is now. today's the bones in place around this a emerge friend and a tug that's just in case to catch any oil they missed when cleaning up this vessel to yesterday's. there's two more booms in
that is for leaking gas. >> kate? >> this gas break is right here. you can see the working groups. there are using jackhammers. and with four different pg&e working groups. that is for thwhere thek and the cable line has been hit will the reinstalling some cable. is a small leak in this gas main that is right in front of this apartment building. this lake view court building has been evacuated. if the gas and electricity has been cut off and also surrounding properties. the thrift store, and an area banks have also been evacuated just as a precaution with the wind blowing. they wanted to get people out of those buildings and you can smell a rocfaint, smell. that is for the use to smell that dilike raw eggs and this is right near lake merritt, lake shore drive east 18th street. traffic and pedestrians are not allowed in through here. also, on some of the other in neighboring streets, second street. pg&e has been here since 1:00 p.m. that islamic gas line was struck they say that it should take them between the next hour. that is- one the gas line was struck in the will pencil line on either site. t
with apcrime, taking that money and using credit cards for his own, personal gain. we spoke to police earlier and this is what they said about how they're holding jason brewer responsible. >> we are seeking prosecution and we are seeking full restitution of the money and absconded from the district. and how much? >> over the $90,000 over the amount of time. >> we've conducted a thorough investigation of the criminal arreinvestigations of this is a checks and balances system in place. >> of is a, police are still gathering evidence that they can gather and present to the d.a. and then the jason bewer can be charged, normallformally. >> and it oakland, the paralegaparolee location and the arguments for, against the proposal. >> under the plan for the summer ohio-based, reporting center about 100 parolees would get counseling and other services each day here at 33 and no. telegraph ave. there's opposition! >> he owns this popular oasis food market that these parolees are not welcome. >> i think that more families would be scared to come down to this area. with all of those people walking down th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7